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As the web is expanding each day, the free web hosting service becomes more and more widely used. More persons resort to charge-free server storage providers to host their online portals or web site files and this, as any other free-of-charge solution, has its strong and weak sides.

Positive Aspects of the Free-of-Cost Web Site Hosting Solution

The most positive aspect of the free hosting solution is that it is free of charge - you evade the monthly or annual charges and this could be a critical consideration when resources are insufficient for a family-oriented or a small-sized business website. There are a few ways in which the free hosting providers can afford to furnish free-of-cost solutions. The most common way entails adding advertisements on your website - either at the top or at the bottom of each and every page of yours, or, on rare occasions - generating a popup window that will open when a visitor lands on your web site.

Together with that, normally there is an opportunity to upgrade your charge-free package to a shared hosting one and thus eliminate all the commercials exhibited by the web hosting provider. The upgrade may involve the whole account, or you can receive just a larger server storage allocation, for instance. You can also pay only for the advertisement removal but retain the original account specs.

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Cost-Free Site Hosting Limitations and Possible Disadvantages

There are certain disadvantages of owning a cost-free hosting account for your website. The abovementioned ads would look very dilettantish on a corporate web portal, and even for a family-oriented page they may make viewers leave, particularly if there are unsolicited pop-up windows.

Because the packages are free, the hosting package quotas will be restricted when it comes to web storage and monthly traffic, while database support or the possibility to send electronic mails may even not be included at all. Some companies also impose file size quota limits, which may afflict the quality of your web portal - all images and animations would have to be small enough to correspond to these limits.

A No-Risk High Quality Free-of-Charge Site Hosting Service - Is It Viable?

As touched upon earlier, some of the top free hosting companies also provide professional paid webspace hosting services. As a rule, these web hosts lean on the professional paid site hosting services to earn money, so they deliver a quality free site hosting service with some unobtrusive restrictions. Thus you can try the hosting service and if you require more functionalities and/or resources and if you are gratified by the quality of the free service, you may upgrade to one of the regular web hosting packages. Normally, these distributors will not incorporate any commercials on your web site. This marketing approach, endorsed by FreeHostia and other cost-free web space hosting firms, guarantees satisfactory quality and performance and if you are searching for a free site hosting packages provider, it would be good to opt for one, which leans on upgrades, rather than on adverts or other tactics to gain cash.

Unmetered Web Site Hosting Packages With a Cost-Free Domain Name

The charge-free website hosting service is an excellent means to build your web portal on a low allowance but it is not the only possibility available. Even on a limited budget you can manage to buy a moderately priced web site hosting package if you pick a supplier like AUCEANhosting. Their shared web site hosting plans include unmetered web hosting resources at an appealing rate, affordable even if you are on a small budget. And with select hosting plans you even get a charge-free domain name, which would help you decrease your costs even more.

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